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We have climbing, hiking and trekking gear/equipment available for rent in Ecuador, as we show in the below list with descriptions and photos.

In most our climbing programs in Ecuador the technical gear (crampons, ice axe, harness and helmet) is included; if you come along in our climbing programs, do not bring these items, unless you are more confident with your own gear.

Regarding brands, sizes, models, even colors; we have a plenty of variety, in the photos below may not show all the selection we have. We kindly recommend you to contact us at least 3 days before your climb/hike/trek begins; the gear/equipment could be rented out.

Please, if you need further information or suggestions to choose the proper gear, we will be very pleasant, if you could contact us.

Rental Gear: List, descriptions and photos.

1. Crampons

They are a traction device which helps to move on the glaciers, snowfields, moraines, ice wall, mixed rock and ice, etc. For ret, we have 3 types of crampons: step-in, hybrid, and strap bindings systems, 10 points, 12 points, and with anti-snow system. It will depend pretty much on your needs and what kind of boots you use.

2. Mountaineering double boots and leather single boots

We rent both “mountaineering double plastic boots”, which are warmer and recommended for mountains like: Chimborazo, Antisana, Cayambe, when it will be most of the climb during the night and on the glaciers. We also have for rent leather single boots, which are usually used in “speed ascents” in mountain like Illiniza Sur, Carihuayrazo, Illiniza Norte, etc., in the climbs/ice practices which will be done during the day. In general, it will depend on the desire of the climber.

3. Mountaineering ice axe and technical ice tools

We rent a general “mountaineering ice axe” with an attached waist leash, we have plenty of different sizes, and it will depend on your height, your ice axe will also help you as a walking pole balance, while you move on the mountain, it should not be too long. We also rent a “technical ice tools”, if the climbers would like to try more challenges routes like in El Altar, Antisana south face, Chimborazo the direct route, etc.

4:  Walking poles

We have a great selection of them, suitable for any conditions and terrain, from hiking, treks to extended mountain climbing trips. Sometimes Climbers prefer to use one walking pole on one side and on the other an ice axe, while climbing Glacier Mountains in Ecuador, because the normal routes are not too steep.

5:  Harness

For rent, we have a fully adjustable alpine climbing harness with gear loops, fully separating leg and waist belts. We have them in different sizes, models, brands, etc.

6: Helmet

We have a great selection of lightweight climbing helmets. Our helmets fit you comfortably over your head, while you wearing on warm hat, balaclava, sunglasses, goggles or hood,  and your headlamp straps securely to the outside of the helmet, Keep in mind!, that in Ecuador is mandatory to use the helmet, while you practice mountain climbing.

7: Head lamp

We have a much selection of head lamps, lightweight, easy and adjustable to the helmets, very bright, up to 500 lumens, waterproof and batteries durability even in cold/frozen conditions. Most of the big mountains in Ecuador are climbed during the night, so a good headlamp is highly recommended.

8: Glacier Sun glasses

We rent glacier sun glasses “Spectron 4”, which are very essential for our high altitude climbs in Ecuador, light weight, offer an exceptional protection for your eyes, 100% UV protection and block 95% of visible light, ventilation system incorporated to prevent from fogging inside, side shields block, neck cord, and a zippered semi-hard shell case. Due to the Ecuadorian mountain range location, the sunrays are much stronger than any other part of the world, so a high quality glacier sun glasses are more than necessary in our mountains.

9: Ski goggles

They have some similar characteristics as the “glacier sun glasses” but they can be use more often in the night when the winds blow very strong, which is very common in July and August; as well as when the weather tents to be stormy, we have them in different sizes, and easy regulated to the size of your face.

10:  Fleece pants

We have many sizes/ models and brands of them, for women and men, very warm, lightweight and comfortable, very easy to dry and breathable.

11: Fleece Jacket

They have quite the same features as the “fleece pants”, but they have fully zipped, it provides breathable warmth in cool conditions, two hand pockets, etc.

12:  Fleece gloves/ Liners

We have many options, our fleece gloves or liners can be combined with most of our mittens and hard shell gloves.

13: Balaclava:

We also rent balaclavas, very worm, semi-waterproof, wind stopper, very breathable, easy to dry, light weight. Optionally you can buy lama wool hut at the entrances of the national parks they are also warn.

14: Hard-shell pants (Gore-Tex)

We have a great selection of hard-shell pants, waterproof, wind stopper, and breathable, they are very comfortable easy to take them out, even when you have crampons and boots on, because they have fully side zippers on the sides,  and  hand pockets.

15: Hard-shell jacket (Gore-Tex)

We rent hard-shell jackets; they are very high quality, good selection of brands, sizes, water proof, wind stopper. They have a hood which can be easily adjusted over your helmet, balaclava, hut, headlamp, sunglasses, etc.

16: Hard-shell Gloves

We have hard-shell gloves, different sizes and  models, recommended to use when you the mountains are not too cold like Illiniza Sur, Illiniza Norte, Carihuairazo, Imbabura, etc., while you are hiking in Ecuador, they are compatible with liners or fleece gloves, offer a good grip on ropes, ice axes, etc.

17: Mittens

We have good quality warm Mittens, different sizes and  models, recommended to use  when you the mountains are very cold like Chimborazo, Antisana, Cayambe, etc., they are compatible with liners or fleece gloves, offer a good grip on ropes, ice axes, etc.

18: Down jacket (parka)

We have some down jackets or parka to rent, they are heavily insulated with high-quality down fill have a hood which can be easily adjusted over your helmet, balaclava, hut, headlamp, sunglasses, etc. We use them in very cold conditions or during breaks, especially in big mountains like Chimborazo, Cayambe, Antisana, etc., in the early hours just before the sunrise.

19: Climbing Pack

We have many of them, different sizes from 30-liter up to 70-liter, women and men categories, easy to attach gear outside like: ice axe, crampons, sleeping bag, ice pickets, wands etc.

20: Sleeping bag

We have 2 types of sleeping bag, filled with down and synthetic insulation. Our sleeping bags are rated  from 22°F/-5°C  to 5°F/-15°C, have collared hood for warmth and a compression stuff sack. The temperature at the Ecuadorian refuges does not drop to lower than 42°F/5°C, you should not  bring a very warm sleeping bag,  but if you are camping on a glacier  like in Antisana, El Altar, Chimborazo (high camp), you certainly need a down sleeping bag rated to  5°F/-15°C.

21:  Sleeping pad

We have many options to rent, different sizes (long), very useful when you are planning to camp, light weight and easy to dry.

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