Lonely Summits is a Direct Tour Operator, founded by Edgar Parra. He has been working and climbing for more than 25 years, with much success in organizing and operating adventure climbing tours in Ecuador, as well as in the rest of South American Andes (Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina), Europe, Central Asia and United States.

Edgar has decided to gather all his own expertise and experience in order to establish “Lonely Summits”, back in 2011. The Company currently is legally registered and approved by both Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism and Environment, and has all the required permits to work 100% legally with all our programs. Edgar was part of a travel company which was based in Quito, as one of the Owners and Managers from 2003 to 2012. This allows him to grow up professionally regarding top high quality services in the Touristic Industry and all the involved processes.

We specialize mainly in mountain climbing in the fascinating Ecuadorian and South American Andes, hiking and trekking through wonderful sceneries, visiting the most beautiful landscapes, Last but not least, we can connect/arrange your journey to the exotic Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle, as well as to the unforgettable Galapagos Islands, and to the colorful Andes countryside, where the people and the landscape are part of our multicultural Ecuador and also South America. When you book a trip with us, you have access to the people who have visited all places, where we organize tours. You will deal directly with people, who have first-hand knowledge and will be ready to assist you with all your particular requirements.

The main mission of our Company is to make from your trip an experience of a lifetime, with an excellent service, cheerfulness and an organization base on Europeans and American standards. Safety is our top priority in all of our trips and outgoings, we do everything within our ability to minimize the risk and maximize the joy. Another very important objective includes reaching the summits or achieving the clients’ intended goals on all of our programs. We run all of our programs and trips with a lot of success.  In the process we do our best to give them the experience they came to us for and exceed their expectations. Our many repeated travelers and their excellent recommendations tell us that you will find in the programs, great value for your time and money.

We invite you to look through our web site and find a trip for you. If you have any questions, to sign up for a trip, or to discuss climbing programs/itineraries/tours, which are not currently in our web site, please contact us at any time, we will be very happy to customize an optimal trip for you, which fits your desires and expectations. We are looking forward to sharing with you all of our adventures, which would last for a lifetime. You are kindly invited!