Why with Lonely Summits?


Professional Local Guides with experience of work more than 20 years, who hold international certifications UIAGM/IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides) or ASEGUIM (Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides).


Prompt consultation of professionals and support on all requirements at all stages of a program (before, during and after) – for the future adventures. We provide for you high quality of services and present certificate of ascents after climbs.


Flexible system of discounts  for a large groups up to 20%, with prepaid booking  at least 3 months in advance, as well as people who have own personal  equipment.

Most Popular Climbs

Why with Lonely Summits?


Correct graph of altitude adaptation before the ascent, ideal training process to achieve the desired mountaineering goals and safety during the main climbs (Radio: 1 guide for 2 climbers).

Flexible Programs

Flexibility in changing of current itineraries depending on physical or psychological conditions of participants, weather conditions and ground conditions. Our team will provide plan A and plan B to make your travel a lifetime experience.

Multilingual Information

Multilingual information for our clients, our team will be ready to assist in different languages like: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, etc., which makes easier and faster to be in contact at all the time.

Galapagos Yatch Tours

Travel around the Galapagos in the Yacht, a great combination of comfort & style without sacrificing the savings account. 

✓ Air-conditioned cabins
✓ Private bethrooms
✓ Comfortable sundeck
✓ Experienced naturalist guide
✓ Available for private charter

Galapagos flora and fauna

The Galapagos Islands are located just off the coast of Ecuador and have become legendary because of one man -Charles Darwin. Darwin’s famous visit to the Galapagos Islands is indelibly marked in the history books. These volcanic islands of Ecuador are home to many unique marine animals and wildlife species and fascinate visitors as much today as they did Charles Darwin in 1835. “ecuador.com”

Galápagos Islands

Situated in the Pacific Ocean some 1,000 km from the South American continent, these 19 islands and the surrounding marine reserve have been called a unique ‘living museum and showcase of evolution’. Located at the confluence of three ocean currents, the Galápagos are a ‘melting pot’ of marine species. Ongoing seismic and volcanic activity reflects the processes that formed the islands. These processes, together with the extreme isolation of the islands, led to the development of unusual animal life – such as the land iguana, the giant tortoise and the many types of finch – that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection following his visit in 1835. “unesco.org”


Lonely Summits

Leading Tour Operator in mountaineering in Ecuador. We offer outdoor programs in the South American continent, from very easy trekking, moderate hikes to technical high altitude climbs, according to the client’s skills and desires.


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